In September 2009, Firefly Books
		  published A Fine Line: Sratchboard Illustrations by Scott McKowen. It's a 208
		  pages, 9"x12" hardcover overview of twenty busy years as an illustrator. Scott has written commentary
		  on each image, and Christopher Newton contributed an introduction. Punch & Judy designed the book;
		  it was printed in China, and the printering quality is superlative. 
    	Available from your local book store, or online book sellers. 
		  "Scott McKowen is one of the great illustrators of our time. A Fine Line demonstrates his technical
		  virtuosity and impressive visual intelligence. It is a delightful and essential book for anyone interested
		  in the subject of illustration of graphic design." MILTON GLASER
		  "It's hard to decide what's cooler about Scott McKowen's poster art: the astonishing, elegant design
		  and linework, or the way he tips your preconceptions on their head and does something unexpected with
		  every assignment. Luckily, we do not have to make a choice. It's all here." NEIL GAIMAN 
		  "In these days of computerized drawings, it's a treat to see a book like A Fine Line by Scott McKowen,
		  best known for his posters for the Shaw and Stratford festivals...This collection of McKowen's work is
		  hugely attractive and often surprising. Each illustration includes the artist's thoughts on his process
		  and decisions, while the book's introduction is by the alway's articulate director Christopher Newtown."
		  "Scratchboard is an uncommon medium these days and a counterintuitive one. Instead of drawing with black
		  ink on white paper, the scratchboard artist removes black ink from a white board. The effort is demanding,
		  the result striking. McKowen has become a scratchboard master, creating theater posters and book covers
		  of fantastic clarity, shrewd wit, and subtle mystery. McKowen's mastery of line and texture, gift
		  for arresting juxtapositions and perpectives, and fluency in drawing the human figure make for complex and
		  breathtaking images that are at once old-fashioned and cutting edge. And he writes as crisply as he draws.
		  McKowen shares his techniques for adding color to his incised drawings and tallies up what is lost and
		  gained when sratchboard meets digital technologies. Most intriguing are his explanations of what
		  elements in the plays and books inspired his brilliantly composed and beautifully executed illustrations.
		  In Mckowen's work, art meets literature, and both thrives."