Punch & Judy created marketing materials for English Theatre at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa, for artistic director Marti Maraden. Scott responded to the 20th-century historical settings of the plays in Marti's 2004/05 season with a campaign built around fine art photography.

Shown here are Summer Rainstorm in the Mall, London, 1934, by H.F, Davis, used as the season poster and brochure cover; 191 Rome, 1968, by Harry Callahan; Field of Barley, 1997, by fashion photographer Sarah Moon – for a new version of Uncle Vanya set on the Canadian prairies in the 1920s. Portrait of an Unidentified Man, a one-man play about a notorious art forger, was represented by Andre Kertesz's famous photograph Mondrian's Glasses and Pipe.

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